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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Going on a Cruise with GP

Well, for the past week, my husband surprised me with a cruise to the Carribean and Bahamas for our ten year wedding anniversary. I have to admit, I was a bit apprehensive. I had been really ill with a gastroparesis attack or flare for a while now. However, I wanted to get away. I needed to rest and the ocean sounded wonderful. Swimming and a hot tub sounded wonderful. I really wanted to make the best of it and crossed my fingers that I would have some good days. I didn't want to disappoint my husband or make him feel bad. It was really sweet of him to take me on a cruise that I've never done before, plus go to islands I wouldn't have thought to visit. So, I packed and was feeling excited. I had hope and that's important.

I was scared that I would be sick on the cruise in an RV sized bathroom:

The corner of the room in the far right was the restroom.

I have to admit, though, the cruise was relaxing. I think the ocean helped a lot, believe it or not. One of the few things that doesn't make me sick is the ocean. I don't get sea sick. However, the cafe we ate (or me, barely ate at) was buffet style with a lot of people. It made me sad to look at all of the things I couldn't have. Also, people seemed to bathe in perfume or cologne. It made me gag a few times in the elevator going up to the cafe. When I got there, all I could think was:

I did make the mistake of trying to eat and be normal. I went horseback riding in the ocean, which was amazing. Then, I noticed my belly swelling up like I was nine months pregnant. I felt so self conscious and unbelievably fat. I'm heavy already but not usually that heavy, which is weird to me because I almost never eat. The people at the horse farm weighed me in front of everyone because they said the horses couldn't take someone over two hundred and thirty pounds! I've never weighed anything like that, ever. I just felt sad and depressed but riding in the ocean with the horse made it better.

I was a poster child for this picture.

When I do eat, I get cramps (really bad ones), and then I start vomiting. The last two days of the trip, I spent in and out of the bathroom and was so amazingly ill. I started crying at one point because I felt like I couldn't go on. My throat and belly hurt so much, even my knees hurt from bending over to get sick.

I got to celebrate my tenth anniversary without a flare. Thankfully, it waited until the next day. I had so much fun on my cruise. I got to sit on the balcony of my room, listen to the ocean and read. If you're thinking of going on a cruise, I'd recommend it. I have a blog article about traveling with GP that may help you if you think you wouldn't be able to travel:

Previous blog article:

I was scared but everything turned out all right. I say if you want to travel, you should go for it. Don't let your GP stop you. I didn't.

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