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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Relaxation & Breathing Techniques from Mayo in Jacksonville

I know that this is a repost for me but I have better copies of the documents that you can actually read, now that I've scanned them in. The doctor told me that all of my issues stem from anxiety but I believe he's wrong. My anxiety didn't get worse until my stomach issues became worse. However, if you have issues sleeping or if you are having a panic attack, this will help. I've had to deep breathe out of panic attacks and talk myself out of it, especially in the car. I hope this will help you. Again, this was handed to me by Mayo but I wanted to save others thousands of dollars to be handed these pieces of paper.

If you click on the images, they'll open in PDF format so that you can read it better.

I apologize about the spill on the last two pages. I managed to spill soda on it while reading the sheets in the car when my husband jerked the wheel.

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