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Thursday, July 18, 2013

My New Facebook Page - Emily's Stomach - Please Like it in Support

As many of you know, I've been working on my own page affiliated with GNE. LaShelle and I are trying to branch out to reach a wider audience. If you could give Emily's Stomach a like, it would be amazing. I want to make a difference and this is my way of branching out to help the GP community. If you could share my new page, Emily's Stomach ( with friends, family, and loved ones, I would be most grateful. I will be posting interesting things in the next few days and would like your support. Without your support, I feel useless and unproductive. This gives me purpose right now, since I can barely leave the house.

You can read below of what I plan to accomplished with my page.

Thank you and stay strong in the fight!


Emily's Stomach is my page that I just started. It's my own page but it's affiliated with GNE and the link is here: If you read the About section on my page, there are other useful links that you might be interested in. The more support you have, the better things will be!

My page is different. I will post motivation, inspiring pictures as well as my blog articles, which contains information on Gastroparesis (GP). I will also post any new research or advancements on GP that I can find. I’m a researcher at heart and I love sharing research that I find. However, we ALL stand together, united, for the GP community.

I will still be working with LaShelle, admining the GNE Facebook page, but we're branching out to cover different things and to spread more awareness. We’re also trying to reach out to find those who suffer with GP that may not have anyone with support to turn to.

If you could share my page with family, loved ones, and friends, I would appreciate it. All are welcome to learn about GP and to be motivated. Spread the word about my new page because the more people we can reach, the better our research will be and the more awareness we’ll have!

The link to my Facebook page, and my contribution to the GNE community is:

Stay strong in the fight! You are NEVER alone! You are more than welcome to friend PM or meme on the page or on Facebook if you need someone to talk to. I’m always hereto listen.

Eventually, I hope all of the GP groups will get together and work as one since we are all working towards a common goal, which is to help the GP community.

My motto is: No awareness, no research, no cure.

Stay strong in the fight! You are NEVER alone! NEVER! You can also follow the ES Page on Twitter at:

My Other Pages/Groups/Blogs:

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Blogs for Gastroparesis - a closed group where people can post their blog entries for others to read. You do not have to be a blog writer to join but GP blog writers are encouraged to join and share so that we can share blog traffic with each other. The link is here:

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