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Friday, July 12, 2013

Information about Gastroparesis and Traveling with GP

These papers were given to me by the Digestive Health Alliance ( and Crystal Saltrelli, which you can find her link to her Facebook page here: All credit goes to Crystal for writing about traveling, I'm just sharing it because it's great information.

So, What IS Gastroparesis?

I found these three different images that explain what Gastroparesis is. The sources are located on the images above.

I haven't had time to upload these documents to share until now, but they were given to me at the Mayo Clinc. I hope they will prepare you for travel as well as help to explain Gastroparesis to friends and family. Feel free to pass these along but be sure to credit the writers. If you click on the images, they'll open in PDF form so that you can read them better.

Information about Gastroparesis

Treatment options and information about Traveling With a Feeding Tube can be found by clicking here:

These images go into detail about the Gastroparesis diet and nausea that comes with it.

For more information on the Gastroparesis Diet and Recipe ideas, please click here:

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