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Thursday, June 27, 2013

My Face

My face. I almost didn't recognize it in the mirror. My face carries my head, held high, with flashing fierce green eyes. My eyebrows are more relaxed on my face as well as the lines by my eye and forehead. My eyes dance and flicker green at you with specks of gold thrown in. My smile glowed,and I smiled at everyone,very brightly - as bright as the sun! My lips look look pursed and strained. Additionally, my skin is a grayish hue and there are dark circles under my eyes!

The person I was looking at wasn't smiling, didn't look great, and just looked really tired.But most of all, I look so unhappy!

I had this realization in my bathroom a few minutes after this picture was taken.

The person I was looking at wasn't smiling, didn't look great, and just looked really tired. She didn't look like me, or what I perceived me to look like. I guess I've never really paid attention to those small details in life because there are just too many big details to think about. To be honest, I have never spent much time in front of a mirror because I had been raised a tomboy.

I know sickness and stress have made things worse. I have never been a beauty queen or anything, but this picture does me me feel self conscious about my appearance. But, I feel trapped at the same time because most days I'm too sick to do anything about my appearance. What do you do about this at home?

But, it is MY face, so I will love it because I love myself.

1 comment:

C.R. said...

I can relate to what you have stated in post. Every time I stand in the mirror, I always wonder, "Who is this lady? I don't know her."

Chronic illness has really "done a number" on my physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I personally try not worry about my appearance too much.

Just like you stated, I don't have time to pay attention to those "menial details," when 24/7 self-care for my Chronic illness pretty much taxes and drains all my energy and time