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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Second Easter with Motility Issues & Vitamin Deficiencies

I just got a call from my doctor a week ago - my vitamin levels are really low and my lipase (liver enzymes) are REALLY high still. I'm basically malnourished, and starving. He said for me to take 800mg of Vitamin D, 1200mg of Vitamin C, and he's going to call in Vitamin B injections for me to take 1ml for 1 week for 4 weeks and then monthly after that.

The issue is that I can't take pills because they usually don't stay down, so my husband bought me dissolvable tablets to take. The problem is that the Vitamin C has such a low dosage that I have to take twenty of the dissolvable tablets to make it work. It's not very efficient.

I just don't know what to do. No one will listen to me when I tell them I'm starving. Just because I'm not 90 pounds yet doesn't mean I'm not malnourished. I can't take pills because they have a hard time staying down. I don't know if those vitamins come in injection form, and overall, I'm just exhausted both mentally and physically. I'm worried about my liver. My enzymes have been really high for over a year and they can't figure out why. The doctors don't seem to be very concerned and it's worrisome. I'm worried that I'm going to get sucked down into a hole of deficiencies and then not be able to claw my way back up. It's hard for me to keep food, or even liquids down right now. When I get into these attack cycles, I can't seem to break them.

Step 1: Find needles for a sub-q injection.

Step 2: Get medication ready.

Step 3: Fill up syringes with 1ml of medication.

Step 4: Injection medication.

I have to repeat this process weekly for another two weeks and then I need to do it monthly for a while. I still need to remember to ask my doctor about other injections since needles don't bother me. I would rather inject the vitamins than try and ingest them. It makes my arm a bit sore but I'd rather have that than violently vomiting later.

Also, it was also my second Easter with motility issues. I managed to cook for my family but I couldn't manage more than two bites of food. It made my family feel bad but honestly, I was just SO happy that I could cook without an issue. I was very thankful for that. I had to sit down for a bit when the stomach spasms started, and my mother could tell when they started, because she said that I became incredibly pale. I felt almost overheated when they started. I took a muscle relaxer and then the spasms became a bit more bearable. I ate a bite or two of potato salad, which I probably shouldn't have.

Today, I feel a bit better but I haven't eaten much in the past few days. I have not been hungry and I am trying to ignore the nausea. I managed to drive today. It was good to leave the house for a bit but I was worried about vomiting on the side of the road again. I manage to make it through driving without an issue but the day isn't over yet. I'm trying to take it easy and take care of myself so that I can go back to Mayo. I need to call the doctor and schedule my next visit.

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