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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Radio Interview, Isolation Help, and Updates!

Do you ever feel alone? You know that's not true logically, but you can't help but think it. It's little things like when you try to call someone and they don't answer or if you try to make plans around your illness but have to cancel them.

I have friends who tell me that I'm a strong person, but I don't feel strong. Being alone is an irrational fear that people who suffer from any kind chronic illness. You can't escape, no matter how many people you talk to or invite over. Being chronically ill is challenging enough and maintaining a social life is pretty much non-existent.

That's one of the challenges of a chronic illness. Sometimes, you feel alone and down and think that no one understands what you're going through and that you're alone. That's not true. You're never alone.

I have my husband, my family, my fraternity, and my other family on the GASTROPARESIS Facebook page. All you have to do is reach out to someone to talk to. And it's when you feel the most alone that you should break out of your comfort zone and talk to someone. It really does help. I'm seeing a therapist that my doctor recommended because I can't do this on my own right now. Sometimes it's OK to ask for extra help when you need it. It doesn't make you a failure or anything like that - it makes you stronger. It takes a strong person to ask for help when you need it. Talking to someone removed from the situation can be a bit comforting and it helps you to vent your frustrations. In doing that, it makes you feel almost free and emotionally lighter. If you are feeling sad, depressed, anxious, or just overwhelmed, I would recommend seeking help for the short term. This will help you to get over these hurdles, as it's helped me.

If you can't afford a therapist, do the next best thing - reach out to a friend. All of the admins on the Gastroparesis page are available to talk. We will listen to you because we know what you're going through. It really helps to have an understanding ear as well. I choose to write to help me deal with some of my frustrations but there are other outlets. You have to find the best one that fits you.

Speaking of outlets, I was on my friend Jason's radio show today to speak out about Gastroparesis. I tried to do Gastroparesis justice. If you missed the radio interview, you can listen online HERE. I was a bit nervous but I hope that I was able to tell my story without getting off topic too much. Jason is great and I'm so glad that I was able to do his show today!

I've had some really bad stomach attacks the two weeks. I've been very miserable and in a lot of pain. I'm trying to do my best but nothing's really staying down - drinks or what I've been trying to eat. I had a huge dehydration headache last night that wasn't going anywhere and my stomach felt like I had been drop kicked in the abdomen. I even pulled a muscle in my abdomen and my back yesterday - so I had issues moving. I'm glad I get to rest this weekend but I feel bad that I'm going to miss St. Patrick's Day tomorrow. I would love a green beer and to go out and hang out with friends but that's not in the cards for me. My lips are all cracked and chapped from dehydration and I've cut the corners of my mouth, but I'm not sure how I managed to do that.

All in all, I'm hanging in there and I still remain optimistic. I need to call the Mayo doctor to tell him that the medication he gave me isn't really working. I feel bad but still feel hungry. However, I am scared to eat.

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My daughter is the most amazing person that I know...I love her very much...she has amazing courage.