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Friday, March 8, 2013

My First Flight with GP & Updates for this Week

My fraternity brother decided to have his birthday shindig in Fort Lauderdale because they are known for their Tiki drinks. So, this meant that it was going to be my first time flying with a SPINAL CORD STIMULATOR and with GP. Needless to say, I was a bit nervous. My husband gets hassled every time he goes to the airport because he has an insulin pump - so what were they going to do to me?

We got there and checked in early. Everything actually went pretty smoothly. We checked our bags and then went to security. I took off my shoes and put all of my stuff in the bins (the body scanners were disabled, which is good because of the implant, I can't go through them) and went through the metal detector. The TSA agent yelled at me because I left my stuff in the bins to go through the machine, not realizing that my husband was behind me keeping an eye on my things. When the TSA agent realized this, he apologized to me.

We boarded our flight and took off for Florida. The engine smell was making me very ill, but I was in the window seat out of three seats, which were all full. So, I couldn't exactly get up to run to the bathroom. I had a bag, just in case. I just felt extremely nauseated but didn't vomit. I was quite proud of myself.

When we got to the hotel, they didn't give us a room block like they said they were going to, so all of my fraternity brothers and friends were scattered all over the hotel. I sat by the hot tub while I was talking to friends and this rude security guard comes out of nowhere. We were being quiet. There were even a group of teenagers sitting by us and they were quiet too. The front desk said we could stay in the hot tub until 12am but the security guard herded us like cattle out of the pool area and locked it. Then, he spent the rest of the night patrolling it. I wanted to punch him in the face, mostly because I don't get out much and I REALLY wanted to hang out with my friends.

So, the next morning, the hubs and I got up and went to the hot tub, since it was open now. We met a friend there. They ate ice cream in the hot tub while I just soaked. The water felt SO good on my poor muscles. Bending over to vomit really does take a toll on your back and my SCES is still healing in place, too.

After the hot tub, we took a nap. When he woke up, it was time to dress for dinner which was at the MAI KAI RESTAURANT.

I was looking forward to hanging out with my friends and just being OUT and having FUN! However, we were lead to go back to a private-ish room. I ordered one Tiki drink, which I regretted later, but I wanted to celebrate actually smelling the beach and being with my brothers and friends. We were down there to celebrate one of my good friend's birthdays! Anyway, the waitress was great in the back area where we sat. Our group had to be broken up into three parts for dinner and the show that the restaurant puts on. We were in group three.

Finally, we were seated for dinner. I found soup that I could eat that wouldn't make me sick that I was pretty happy about. However, we had BBBBBAAADDDD service! The guy took an hour to fill up our water glasses and never checked to see if we had refills. He wouldn't get his manager when we asked. One of my friend's food was too spicy that even he couldn't eat it. My soup was also really spicy and I couldn't eat it either. Usually, that kind of soup isn't spicy at all. The manager comped some of our meals but we refused to go to the show after that because of the bad service we got.

So, we all went back to the hotel room and goofed off.

I pushed myself too hard this past weekend and the past few days. I cleaned my room because I couldn't take it anymore. I think I managed to get the weird spells out of the carpet. All the laundry is done, which is awesome because we had mountains. I've been vacuuming the room daily to help Jesse with his allergies. Oh! And we hired a maid! She'll be here Wednesday afternoons. I'm very happy about that because I usually don't have the energy to clean. I wanted to clean our room though to do something nice for my husband since he's been so good to me. He's been patient and understanding about me getting sick so the least I can do is the laundry and to clean up our room so he can walk without tripping on stuff! lol

Still getting over pneumonia. Everything still makes me a bit tired. Trying to get up and move around as much as possible but that wears me out too.

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KrystalGP said...

I would of punched the security guard and probably the waiter too lol :) Glad you got to go tho that is awesome :)