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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

New PCP Visit Yesterday

I went and saw my new PCP yesterday. I filled out the patient information packet, which made checking in much easier. That clinic is pretty busy and there were only two doctors working yesterday. I waited around in the waiting room for a bit and noticed this sign:

I had to giggle.

The nurse called me back and took my vitals. She then sat me in a room and asked me a bunch of questions about my medical history. I answered all of them as truthfully as I could.

Then, the doctor came in. He was very friendly but when I told him I couldn't sleep and that I would really like something to knock me out, he refused to give me anything. It made me feel like a pill head but I have extremely bad insomnia most nights. It's like I can't turn my mind off. Anyway, he called in more Bentyl and Zofran for me with refills, in hopes that would help the spasms and nausea. The Mayo doctor cleared me to be back on Bentyl. He made me sit in his office (his office has a lab) for another blood draw, even though I brought my medical records with me from Mayo where they just DID a blood draw. The lab tech poked me about four times so I'm bruised all up and down my arm from Mayo and from this doctor's office.

He said my blood test results showed my triglycerides were high but he said since I'm sick and I probably haven't been eating much, he would retest it later. The total time I spent at the doctor's office - 3 hours.

He also gave me a medication that I've never heard of before. It's brand new and it's used to idiopathic constipation, usually used for people with Irritable Bowel Syndrome. He prescribed it to me so that I could see if it helped. He thinks that's where most of my pain is coming from but I disagree. Yes, it may not be helping the situation but my pain is very intense and it's right where my liver is. Here is the medicine he prescribed and I"m curious if anyone has tried it with positive results:

I'll have to let you know how this new drug works out. My pill case is getting full again.

I went to my other doctor, the one who diagnosed me with ADD, and told him about my anxiety, panic attacks, and insomnia. He switched me from Zoloft to Celexa, for anxiety. He also gave me Trazadone to take at night to help me sleep. I could have kissed him! So, I actually got some rest last night but I've been so nauseated all day. It's hard to function when you're so tired and in pain all of the time.

I found this article and wanted to share it because I thought it was a great read.

Gastroparesis throws your entire life a curve ball. EVERYTHING changes: your diet, your sleeping patterns, your morning routine, your social life, your professional life, your level of physical activity, you name it. I have scoured my brain and can not think of one aspect of life that does not change once Gastroparesis begins to take over. As much as you try to continue being “normal”, it isn’t going to happen. You are kicked right out of the fast lane onto a beaten up wooded path that not many people know about or care to find. You have to learn how to navigate this path and hope that you can find your purpose life. The purpose that you are meant to pursue while living through the ups and downs of Gastroparesis. You are unrolling the path by yourself and have no idea where it is going.

Read more about the article HERE.

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