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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Mayo Clinic - Day Four. Bravo Test

Today was day two of my Bravo pH test. I have to keep a log of all of my pain, nausea, vomiting, food intake, etc. It is very similar to the Smart Pill test that I had earlier last year. When they went in for my endoscope yesterday, the doctor attached a small capsule to my esophagus. This capsule measures the acid and reflux that my body produces to determine whether or not I really do have acid reflux. When the capsule is finished after three days, it falls off.

This is the Bravo pH log that they gave me to keep track of everything:

This is the receiver that they gave me. I have to wear it for the next two days:

The test is a bit miserable because I can only drink water in between meals. I can't sip it, I have to actually drink it at once. I can only have pedalyte, soda, and other things like that to drink with my meals. I have to eat normally, like I would if I didn't have Gastroparesis which is a bit hard for me. I am scared I am going to vomit and vomit this capsule loose. If that happens, I have to call the doctor at Mayo and let him know.

I go back to consult with Dr. Bouras before I leave tomorrow. I'm a bit nervous as to what he'll have to say. I was kind of hoping they would hospitalize me to give me fluids because I'm still very dehydrated and sick. I guess I'll wait and see what he says and waiting is always the hardest part.

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Will Moss said...

"like I would if I didn't have Gastroparesis" ...So go from eating next to nothing to eating a lot, which seems to have a predictable result. As I'm sure you know, the Roman aristocracy was famous for eating too much with the same predictable result. There's a joke in there somewhere...