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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Mayo Clinic - Day Three. EKG & Endoscope

I reported for my 10:35am appointment this morning for my EKG. The appointment was in Davis Building 2 East.

I didn't have very long to wait. As soon as I sat down, the nurse appeared and called about four of us back. The nurse led me to a dressing room in the back and gave me a gown to change into to. She told me to leave my stuff in my dressing room and to take the key with me. Then, I went around the corner and laid on the table in the room while my EKG was done. The tech doing my EKG talked to me about the Falcons and how disappointed he was that the Ravens won the super bowl. We started talking about UGA games, since I have to deal with the drunk people after the games. He was telling me how horrible the UGA and Florida games were. The other tech behind the curtain working on someone else was also commenting on our conversation and chiming in on what he felt strongly about. They told me that I was their favorite patient for the day. That made me smile. I think they were amused that I love football.

So, the EKG was normal and I was released. My next appointment is at 1:30pm today for my endoscope and my Bravo test. I'm going to take a nap until then.

I started a new page last night based on humor. When I went to sleep last night, it only have fifteen likes. Now, it has over 100. The page is LAUGHTER THROUGH GP. I figured that Gastroparesis needed a little humor to cheer members up and it was a niche that hasn't been carved out yet. =)

At 1:30pm I reported to the patient registration desk in the Mayo building to register for my endoscope.

The receptionist sent me up to Mayo 5 North to check in for my procedure.

Before I did anything else, I stopped and looked at the views from the fifth floor. They were amazing, so I took some pictures of that as well.

I sat down and went over my medication list. I crossed a bunch out that the doctor took me off of and answered a questionaire about past surgeries and medical issues. I sat with papers in hand waiting for the nurse to call me back.

The nurse called me back and had me put on a gown. The attached me to a blood pressure cuff (my BP was high, no changes there), and got my IV in my right hand on the first try. She asked me a lot of questions and then I met the doctor. He was nice. Then, I met the anesthesiologist who was nice as well. They didn't waste any time and they wheeled me back in my bed for the endoscope. They had me lay on my side and bite down on a green plastic ring. The anesthesiologist pushed the drugs to make me sleep. I remember looking at the screen and then waking up in recovery. I cracked jokes with the nurse after I woke up.

The nurse told me that I would feel like there's something stuck in my throat because of the BRAVO TEST. The capsule attached to my esophagus will fall away by Friday. I came back to the hotel, ate a bit, and then went to sleep. I'm about to go back to sleep now because I still feel exhausted.

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