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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Gastroparesis Inspired Art

I'm looking for Gastroparesis inspired jewelry, art, and clothing. I have a few friends who are working on art to share with the rest of the GP community. If you're like me, then you probably don't have a lot of green clothing or GP related jewelry items or wrist bands. If you find great Gastroparesis type art, please leave me a comment with a link and a description! I love to see and learn about new things - websites, etc.

For Gastroparesis Inspired Jewelry:

NERDY GIRL CREATIONS ON ETSY. This is a Green's Not Easy Member's friend who makes jewelry. She's amazingly talented and decided to help further our cause for awareness by making GP themed jewelry. An example of her work is below:

JUST BREATHE JEWELRY. This is a collection of handmade, from scratch, unique and chic jewelry, created in part to donate to gastroparesis research! Use Coupon Code BLYSSBREATHEXX for free shipping! As always, $1.00 of every purchase goes to the GPD Foundation for a cure for gastroparesis! An example of her work is below:


Gastroparesis is an insidious disease meaning literally "stomach paralysis". An estimated 5 million American's suffer from this disease, which causes them to slowly starve to death, because they can't eat the food in front of them. Many suffer from malnutrition because their bodies simply cannot process food/nutrients appropriately. This her way of helping to build awareness. An example of her work is below:

For Gastroparesis Inspired Art:

RARE ARTIST. EveryLife's Art Contest for Rare Diseases 2013 is accepting submissions! The Art Contest was established to empower those affected by rare diseases to express their unique power through art. Please share the invitation, & share your art! This image, "Trusting Hands", won a special artistic merit award in our 2011 contest, by Gastroparesis patient Shelley Bertrand. was created for artists affected by a rare disease. The EveryLife Foundation for Rare Diseases received many exceptional works of art during our inaugural EveryLife Art Contest which inspired us to create a venue to display this art. It is intended to showcase the Artwork and the Artist, in order to bring awareness to the rare disease community. There are almost 7,000 rare diseases that affect more than 25 million Americans. For more information on the EveryLife Foundation for Rare Diseases’s work to support the rare disease community please visit

For Gastroparesis Ribbons and Wrist Bands:

A member of the GASTROPARESIS Facebook group as designed awareness ribbons for GP. He is in the very beginnings of creating this magnetic ribbon by getting price quotes and coming up with a plan to sell them in bulk, either in his own store or somewhere else. He wants to donate all proceeds to GP research. As soon as the link is available to order these ribbons, I will post it. The image of the ribbon is below:


Will Moss said...

Dude, St. Timothy is totally the Patron Saint of Stomach Ailments. And they totally make St. Timothy rosary centers. I could make a rosary with that and green beads. Thoughts?

emilysstomach said...

I would love that! I would be glad to publish it in my blog as well. Just send me the link! said...

Emily, I'm one of the Admins over at Green's Not Easy Family, and I've got a line of GP awareness jewelry that I've just started! Right now, I'm using my FB page to "sell". You can find me at Lora L Howard - I'm in the process of divorce and Howard will once again be my last name after the 1st of Feb.- go to my photos and look for Gastroparesis Awareness Jewelry. Let me know what you think!

emilysstomach said...

Lora - I have added your link to the page. Please let me know if I can add anything else that may help! =)

Unknown said...

Emily, how did things come along with the awareness ribbon? Would love to order these in bulk for my family and friends. I know this is a old post, but just ran across it when looking for this ribbon. Thanks, Jean Wager