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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Detoxing - Twelve Days to go Until Mayo

This past week has by far been the hardest I've ever had to endure, GI wise. I didn't realize how much of the medication actually did help, even though I was still sick on the medication. This detox is like being in my own, personal hell. The stomach spasms have not subsided, even though the last time I ate was the day before yesterday and it was just broth. My throat burns, and is swollen from vomiting up bile. I can barely swallow the pills I'm still allowed to take. The Zofran does nothing and I took my last Phenergan pill tonight.

I hope the doctor will call in a refill tomorrow (or later today). At the specialist today, while I was having my spinal cord stimulator checked to make sure it was scarring in all right, my blood pressure was 145/105. I'm guessing that's because of staying up vomiting for two days and the gastric spasms. My blood pressure always sky rockets when I'm in pain. Since my blood pressure had been fine the previous times I had seen that specialist, he wasn't worried. Since I can't take the Vicodin right now for the surgical pain where my stimulator is still scarring in, he prescribed me lidoderm patches to wear throughout the night or day to numb the spot where the muscles are still inflamed. He said it's going to take a while longer for my body to stop fighting the fact that it has a foreign object there. He also told me that if I notice that the stimulator isn't covering the area it's supposed to or if it's taking longer than usual to charge, to let him know and he would call the Boston Scientific Representative in to tweak the stimulator to adjust it. He said that I'm probably going to need it adjusted a few more times since it's still in the process of scarring in.

My throat is so irritated. I might try to drink some hot tea and honey to see if it will soothe the irritation. Sadly, the only juice in the house is cranberry and I can't stand cranberry juice. It's too bitter for me to handle right now. I managed to drink all of the apple juice.

Twelve days to go until my week of testing. I just don't know how I'm going to make it through the next twelve days. This almost feels like cruel and unusual punishment. I feel like I have a charlie horse in my belly along with someone hitting me in the stomach with a metal bat over and over again. The gastric spasms keep inducing vomiting, which is just dry heaves right now because there's nothing left to come up. I've burnt my throat and I'm miserable.

I'm tempted to take a pain pill just to get some sort of relief and to be able to sleep but I don't want to screw up any testing that Mayo will do. I really want them to find the issue that's making the Gastroparesis worse and fix it.

I was hoping to get out of the house tomorrow. I have a project I want to do as a gift to my husband for Valentine's (I usually call it, "the Hallmark holiday") Day. I'm scared with the way things have been going, I was lucky enough to make it to the doctor and back today.

My stomach is swollen and hard to the touch right now. It's been that way for three days. I'm not quite sure why and it's a bit scary.

This is night two of staying up without sleep. I'm so exhausted and I wish I could just pass out. The Nature Made Sleep Aid isn't helping and my throat is killing me. I may have to go to my primary doctor tomorrow. Maybe he can give me some advice on what to do while I'm detoxing. I have chloraseptic spray - but I can only use it so often.

I just really need some sleep. I think that would make a world of difference.

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