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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Update - Vomiting and Allergic Reaction

After the surgery for the trial for the left knee, I managed to have a severe allergic to the tape that the doctors used to tape up my back. I told the nurses when they were putting in the IV that I was allergic to latex, told my doctor I was allergic to latex, and told them on the operating table before they put me under that I was allergic to latex.

The tape they put on my back started to itch. I thought that maybe it was just because I was hot and sweating. So, I peeled off a bit of the tape and noticed hives, and a rash that looked like a sunburn with blisters. It itched and hurt so badly. I asked my sister to pull off most of the tape and put some cream on my back. I had cortisone cream. She replaced the tape with gauze and tape I had that in my first aid kit that I knew was latex free. She did this while I was waiting on the doctor to call me back. The doctor saw me on Friday and pulled the leads out and took off the tape. As it turns out, the tape had latex in it and the nurse said she would make sure to put that in my chart. I have a follow up visit tomorrow morning.

The positive part was that I was able to walk around the block without any pain and able to get some sleep without tossing and turning. The temporary implant trial did help and I told them I would like the permanent implant minus the evil tape.

I've been vomiting almost non stop since yesterday. It's worse than usual and I feel a bit draggy and have no energy. I'm not sure if I picked up a bug or what, but I'm just so tired. I had nightmares all of last night I just feel so queasy. I didn't even feel well enough to drive to the GI doctor. I managed to wreck my car as well by pulling off half of the bumper and tearing out the wheel well. So, I have my sister's car this week while she's in Arizona.

I'm trying to drink fluids and stay hydrated but it's so tough. I don't want to eat or drink anything.

Here's a picture of the reaction after the doctor took the leads out:

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