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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Post Spinal Stimulator Surgery - Day 1

I had my surgery yesterday to have my spinal cord stimulator put in. Information about a spinal cord stimulator is HERE. The surgery wasn't bad. They put me completely out. I didn't even realize they were doing it until I saw this huge syringe. It looked like a PVC pipe.

This is day one. I do not have as much knee pain as I did before. I can actually sit Indian style without having severe pain. My back is really, really sore from the surgery so it's a bit hard to sleep. I am a bit tired today but I'm feeling a little better. I want to sleep but every time I try, I lay on my back and it jerks me awake because it hurts so bad. I have staples in my back and they are going to remove the staples in a week. I can't bend, lift, twist, take a shower, or anything before the staples come out.

I vomited once last night after I got home. I hope that this stimulator will cut down the vomiting since vomiting is also my pain response. Since I no longer have to worry about my knee, I can focus on the gastroparesis and see if that's where the vomiting is from.

I bought a cook book for GP with recipes that will be easily digestible. The problem is that if I eat six small meals a day, one small meal will fill me up for the entire day. I'm not sure how this is going to work because nothing seems to stay down.

I looked at pictures of me from last Christmas and now - I've lost so much weight. My face almost looks sunken in and pale. This is not the way I wanted to lose weight. My stomach is also bloated and swollen. I have severe cramps when I do try to eat, even with yogurt. I've been drinking a lot of apple juice but that's hit or miss with the vomiting, too.

I'm looking forward to hiking again though. =)

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