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Monday, September 24, 2012

Pre - Surgery Today For my Knee

The doctor is going to do the surgery for the Boston Scientific Electrical Stimulator trial. They are going to put me under, put the leads in, wake me up and adjust the electrical pulses, and then put me back under to complete everything. I will know in a day or three if it works or not. If it works, the doctor is going to go ahead and schedule the permanent implant surgery.

My husband thinks that this will cut my vomiting in half. His reasoning is that vomiting is also my pain response, so it's hard to tell what's gastroparesis and what's my knee. After this, I should know.

I have an appointment with my doctor on Tuesday to talk and follow up. I still need anti-nausea medicine. It helps me function. Without it, I vomit about 8 times a day. It does help keep the vomiting down. I'm just frustrated and tired of vomiting. The doctor wants to figure out why I'm vomiting so much. He says that with gastroparesis that I shouldn't have stomach pain or vomiting. Since the ERCP surgery, I have had less pain. It's no longer sharp and stabbing. Now, it's more like intense stomach cramps.

I had a funeral to go to last Monday and they made me take communion. I was scared because I haven't been able to keep much down. The priest dipped the wafer in the red wine (my stomach can't handle alcohol) and gave me communion. I tried not to vomit up the Body of Christ because it would, in all honesty and jokes aside, make me feel awful. I kept it down for the funeral, so I did not vomit up the Body of Christ on anyone. My stomach behaved until I got home but I had horrid cramps and pain. I also started vomiting again. It's been a rough week with the death of my aunt and then the surgery today. I'm just grateful that I didn't get sick in the church.

I also have an appointment with the Nutritionist next week to go over a diet plan and the insurance doesn't cover it. So, it's going to be $100 a pop to receive advice about my diet and eating habits.

I'm really nervous about the surgery today. The last time I had surgery, I stopped breathing. Now, I'm scared that I won't wake up. I just want to feel better. I'm also worried about the IV placement. The nurses can never find veins. They had to put in a pick line in the hospital. I just don't want to get poked about 12 times.

Well, I will keep everyone updated. My surgery is scheduled for 2pm.

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LB said...

Tell them to just go get the vein finder from the Pediatric ward before they even start poking.

Hope everything goes well for you. My grandad says his prayer group said a prayer for your tonight, cuz I told him what you were going through.