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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Motility Specialist Follow Up

I had an appointment at 8:30am this morning with the Specialist but let me give you some background on the past two days. I was up all night, really, really nauseated. I took my pain medicine and my anti-nausea medication but it did nothing to get rid the knot in my stomach. To explain how my stomach feels - imagine you're nervous before a test and your stomach is in a huge knot. Then, add an intense burning, sharp pain like you've been sucker punched in the stomach with an ulcer. Then, imagine that you had food poisoning and you just felt like there was a giant greasy ball just hanging out in your stomach. If you combine all of those feelings, that's how I feel on a daily basis with the nausea. That's the best way I know how to describe it.

So, I was up all night getting sick. I thought maybe the vomiting would help but my stomach managed to spasm enough that I pulled a muscle.

I had an appointment scheduled for the Motility Specialist, which was lucky, and got to go in this morning to talk with her about my Smart Pill results. She said that the Smart Pill did show a delay in my gastric emptying, confirming what I already knew, I have gastroparesis. She told me I needed to follow up with my GI doctor now, so I'm wondering what was the point of seeing the Specialist if she's not going to treat me for this rare condition.

She did prescribe an antispasmodic, which should help with the pain after eating. That's leftover from the ERCP that my regular GI doctor did. However, both doctors cannot explain the vomiting. The best theory that I have gotten is from my regular GI doctor - the food that I eat sits in my stomach for days until I get food poisoning and vomit it up. So, essentially, I always have food poisoning. I have to make an appointment with the Nutritionist and come up with a diet plan.

Vomiting is also my pain response, so I hope that once I get this trial for my knee, the vomiting will be cut in half.

The Specialist then told me to see my psychiatrist because I'm already on an antidepressant and anxiety medication. The drug to help treat this is also classified as an antidepressant. You can read about Nortriptyline HERE.

I called his office and I'm waiting for him to give me a call and let me know if he will prescribe it. I just saw him two days ago, and he knows about my gastroparesis. I don't think he'll have a problem prescribing it but I would like to start it as soon as possible since it takes a while to work. This should help with the gastroparesis, some. I don't understand why the Specialist couldn't just prescribe it. It's not controlled. I get the drug interaction thing but she knows ALL of the medications I'm on. Oh well, I'll wait around and see what my other doctor says.

So, that's my news. Gastroparesis is confirmed, which I already knew it would be. I've had the ERCP and I'm going to try this medicine. I would really like to have my normal life back. I miss being a social butterfly and I miss leaving the house.

My friends and family have been a great support network. I cannot tell you how much it means to me for the encouraging words, funny pictures to cheer me up, coming over to hang out because you know I can't leave the house. It really does mean so much to me. And of course, for reading my blog. I wasn't expecting for it to be as popular as it is. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for being there for me. It really does make me feel better knowing that I have such great friends and family, and of course, a wonderful husband. I honestly could not get through this without you guys.

It's also nice to feel validated that this isn't all in my head. I've gotten that from a few past "friends." I felt isolated for a while because people viewed me as negative and attention seeking, but I know my body better than anyone and I'm glad I stayed persistent. I try not to be negative but I have bad days just like everyone else.

If there is anyone out there who reads this blog and has medical issues, my advice is to find a doctor who will listen. I cannot tell you how many bad doctors I've gone through until I found someone who understood and helped. Keep trying. I know it can be discouraging but you have to be your own advocate.

My doctor was right about starting this blog, though. It has helped me to get everything out and to channel those negative feelings into something positive for someone who may have the same issues I do without a diagnosis. I think my friends understand me better now, too. You can tell someone you're sick all day long and they'll get annoyed at you for always being sick, but you have to help them to understand. This doctor is the best doctor I've had yet and I'm glad that I finally know what's going on.

It's hard living with a chronic illness and it can get you down ... but be strong and fight back. I am going to. I am determined to lead a normal life again, and I will; one day at a time.


MacMo said...

hi! thanks for sharing. i am doing research on alternative remedies for this condition for my mother. might we exchange email addresses and send one another resources?

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