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Monday, August 20, 2012

Day 5 - Surgery Today

The nurse came in and took another EKG today since my last one was a bit abnormal. The doctor yesterday said that the Zofran could have caused that too and took me off of it. He said for me to list it as an allergy from now on. Another nurse came in and took an ECHO of my heart as well, just to follow up on the abnormal EKG. If everything looks fine, I'm having my ERCP procedure done at 2:00pm today.

It was hard to sleep last night. My night nurse lectured me and told me that my pain medicine was as needed, I didn't have to have it every two hours. The problem is that when I go to lay on that side, it's startling and wakes me up with a jolt because it hurts so much. Plus, people kept waking me up to get my vital signs and to draw up lab work - it's hard to sleep in a hospital. She's the second night nurse I've had who has lectured me about pain medicine.

I hope after today, I'll need less of it. I kept trying to explain that I have liver stones and they're painful but I guess the night nurses don't care. They probably don't like that I make them work.

I'm laying here pretty nervous and tired. I want to get this procedure over and done with. My doctor was also going to find out the results of the smart pill and share it with me. I've been placed on blood pressure medication as needed while in the hospital because my blood pressure keeps going up.

I guess I'll let you know what they find as soon as I know! Wish me luck!

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