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Monday, August 20, 2012

Day 5 - Post Surgery

So, I had my ERCP done today. They found a sludge like material along with some gravel like material in my bile ducts. The doctor cleaned everything out and made an incision in the sphincter in my bile duct so that it will release bile for digestion easier.

The heart echo and EKG were both normal.

The doctor said that he was going to watch me overnight to see how I felt. And of course, I'm really annoyed now because I'm on pain medicine and my husband is trying to be super helpful. That's even more annoying when I'm on pain medicine. The kitchen just brought me food and he wouldn't let me eat it because I'm not supposed to have anything by mouth until tomorrow. I snuck a couple of carrots though ... and that lemon icing cake looked really tasty. =( I should have eaten it anyway, I'm starving. Now, I'm even grumpier. It's mean to put cake in front of me when I can't eat it.

My nurse is going to give me my antinausea medication and I'm going to try and sleep since there's nothing else to really do and I can't drink anything to ease the scratchiness in my throat.

But, everything's OK so far. I guess we'll wait and see if I develop inflammation of my pancreas.

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