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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Day 7 - Hurts like hell ...

The charge nurse came in and lectured me about walking around the hospital while the nurse was administering my medication. The thing is, I had been walking around the hospital before yesterday - before the complications of pancreatitis hit. Now, it hurts so badly, I'm having trouble getting up and going to the bathroom. My abdomen feels like someone squashed it or possibly I had a line drive hit into it. The pain is sharp and intense.

I was asleep when the doctor came in to talk to me but she's going to draw more blood for lab work to see about my lipase levels. She told the nurse that they're slowly trending downward. I hope so, I'm ready to go home. I'm so tired and I want to actually get some sleep. Having pain medicine every 6 hours isn't really doing me any good - it hurts so much. I don't know why doctors decrease pain medication right after you have surgery, it seems weird to me. You think they would want to make me comfy until I go home.

I'll update more when I talk to the doctor.

Update: The doctor is moving me from IV medication to oral medication and is giving me full liquid trays to see how well I tolerate them. She has decreased my IV fluid intake from 200.0mL/hr to 100.0.mL/hr.

My room was like a party today. All I wanted to do is sleep, since I've gone without sleep for a week in the hospital.

I was visited by:
1. A Physical Therapist
2. An Occupational Therapist
3. My Doctor
4. The Nurse
5. The Tech
6. The Teaching Nurse
7. A Patient Advocate
8. A Patient Volunteer
9. The Floor's Chaplin
10. The Charge Nurse
11. The Charge Nurse's Director

I just really wanted to be left alone. I wish they would increase my pain medication because my side hurts so much. I'm hoping they'll let me go home tomorrow since I was able to keep down the liquids today. I really want some real rest. =(

So, I guess I will keep you updated on what happens tomorrow.

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