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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Day 6 - Day After Surgery (Oxygen Issues Again)

This marks the sixth day of my hospital visit. I'm waiting on the lab results to see if any of my enzymes have gone down. My side is still in some pretty bad pain from yesterday and my throat is sore. I hope they feed me today. I'm really REALLY hungry. Also, I have a fever but my blood pressure went down to 127/80. That's good news! Hopefully, it will stay down. It goes down with the pain medication. I don't think they'll send me home today but I'm not sure. They want to make sure that I don't develop pancreatitis.

You can read more about Pancreatitis HERE.

I was able to catch a couple of cat naps last night but woke up to horrible pain. I'm really exhausted. I'm hoping that when I get my Dilaudid and my Phenergan in a hour that I'll go to sleep. I think I'm going to stay up for a bit and see if food comes.

I think I overheard them saying in the surgical room last night that I could resume a liquid diet this morning. I thought I also overheard them saying when they took the breathing tube out that I stopped breathing for a few seconds. They had to put a breathing tube in an sedate me completely for the procedure because I had been vomiting so much. The anesthesiologist said that he didn't want me to vomit during the procedure and then drown in my vomit.

I'm not sure if I really did hear that or if it was imagined. I imagine it was true because they put me on more oxygen and kept me on it. My oxygen levels did go down to 80 day before yesterday. I wonder why it keeps doing that? It's worrisome. So, I have to wear oxygen all of the time now.

Right now, I'm just anxious. I'm scared about classes, I'm scared about the future, I mean, what if this isn't the solution? What if I keep getting liver stones? I also don't know what to do about the gastroparesis. I'm going to ask my doctor today if he found any results from my Smart Pill test later.

I need to make a follow up appointment with my knee doctor. Next up, is the trial surgery. *sigh*

UPDATE: The doctor just came in to talk to me about my ERCP. She said that the sphincter they were worried about was almost closed shut. When the doctor made the ERCP incision, he released it which caused all of this "gunk" to flow out of it. That included blackish looking sludge along with gravel shaped stones. So, their theory of the sphincter was right on the money. My labs are slowly going down and the doctor is going to increase my pain medicine (since I just had surgery and it's wearing off quicker now) and advance my food this evening. If all goes well, they're going to send me home. Again, they want to make sure that I don't develop pancreatitis.

I should have asked her for something to help me sleep. I haven't slept almost the entire time I've been in the hospital. I'm exhausted and I hurt. I can't get comfy. So, I guess we'll wait. I'll keep you guys updated.

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Tiger said...

Hug! Hang in there, I wish there was something more than I could do. I'm online fairly frequently, so if you ever need to chat find me either on gchat or facebook. I could even call you, but I dont want to wake you up.

-Anna L