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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Day 4 - Telemetry

The nurse told me today that I'm going to be on telemetry today. I guess they're still monitoring my heart. My blood pressure came down with the medicine from 180/117 to 123/82 today. So, that's a big improvement. I feel a little better already! The doctor came in to see me and said that they would do the procedure for the ERCP tomorrow. He said it could be around late afternoonish like 2pm or 3pm. I'm a bit nervous and scared. I hope this procedure works and that I'm feeling much better after. I have a feeling that once they go in, they won't find anything.

I'm meeting with a cardiologist today because my qrt wave is prolonged in my EKG. My nurse said that Zofran can cause this but they're keeping me on telemetry as a precaution. So, I guess I'll be able to update you more on that later.

The Cardiologist came in and told me that they were going to keep me on blood pressure medication as needed until I left the hospital. After that, I need to make an appointment with my regular doctor and talk to him about my pressure. I also am having an echo of my heart done in the morning to see if there are any concerning abnormalities. The Zofran has been stopped and I guess they're waiting for the Zofran to leave my system before they can test my heart.

The Cardiologist did say that my blood sugar was high yesterday but they reran the tests and I'm not diabetic, so that's good news. I wasn't aware that there was a possibility that I could be.

I'm still wearing the oxygen and now I have a telemetry unit hooked up to me. I'm starting to have more wires than Frankenstein! =) Oh! I also just became the mayor of my hospital on Foursquare. Sad, right?

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