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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Day 3 - Low Oxygen & Heart Murmur

The nurse just woke me up to give me medicine. Apparently, I had fallen asleep, sitting up, with my laptop in my lap at about 4am. My Oxygen intake dipped down to about 80. It's not supposed to be below 92. So, now I'm on oxygen today.


I've called my nurse four times asking for medication. I guess when the bag runs out, she'll have to be in here eventually .... or I can just vomit on her shoes.

I'm really tired but was able to sleep some last night. I'm just tired at the moment and bored.

...and my nurse just cussed out the front desk. =)

I have been calling the front desk since 7am (because well, I didn't have to number to call her directly, so I hit the nurse call button). The front desk never told her I called so she came into my room to check on me.

I told her that I needed my medicine while dry heaving into a bucket. She got angry, started yelling, wrote her direct number on the board so I can call her directly when I need something. She then proceeded to storm out after giving me my medicine and yelling at the front desk.

She have me two Dilaudid. She said since I was written for one to two, and since she remembers me from last time, she said she knew I had chronic pain and upped the dose so it would help longer. She's a great nurse and I had her the last time I was here. She remembered me and I remembered that she's the one I can't play zombie games around! =)

The nurse got my on call doctor to come and take a look at me because of my blood pressure. It's been REALLY high. The bottom number is the 110s. So, the doctor listened to my chest and found a heart murmur. They're going to start me on blood pressure medication and take me down for a test for my heart. They're going to sonogram it to make sure that there's nothing sinister about the murmur. So, I guess that's a good discovery! I didn't know about that one.

My hospital room view.

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