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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My Visit with the Specialist

The Motility specialist visit was today. I told her all about my history of anxiety and how I vomit when I'm in pain. She told me that the gastric emptying test at the hospital might not have been accurate because they were giving me pain medication in the hospital which slows down digestion. So, she is going to give me something called a smart pill.

Here is the information on the smart pill

She says that it's good that my doctor put me on neurontin because that will help. If the smart pill confirms the gastroparesis, then she's going to try Nortriptyline. She says that a lot of her GP patients have had wonderful results with the medication. If I can't keep it down, I can sprinkle it on a teaspoon of applesauce and just swallow it.

Information on Nortriptyline

I hope the smart pill is covered by my insurance, but I'll have to check. If it's not, I'll have to do another gastric emptying test (which hurt tremendously last time) and a barium swallow to make sure that my colon is all right - no polyps,
Crohns, or worse.

The original thought that my regular GI doctor had was that the GP was a result of my gallbladder surgery but the specialist thinks it is the result of a virus. She told me to have hope, that the GP will go away if that's how it started.

I'm anxious about school and not sure what to do. I'm going to search around for an online class. She told me that I can't go to class puking, obviously. She's going to try her best to figure out what's wrong but also suggested that I see a neurologist since all of my problems seem to be nerve related. She also suggested that the neurologist check me for autoimmune diseases. I know that I've been tested for Lupus and that was negative. I may or may not have Celiac.

The specialist also suggested that the vomiting could be caused by abdominal migraines. I have never heard of such a thing.

Info about Abdominal Migraines here

I didn't even know that they existed! She has a lot of theories besides gastroparesis and she's going to check them all. She said that doesn't mean that I don't have gastroparesis but she wants to make sure.

I really liked her. My only complaint is that she talked too fast and wouldn't really listen to any of the questions I answered. She would tell me not to interrupt her. But, I guess she's busy and she can't spend all day answering my questions. Other than that, she was friendly and gave me a lot to think about.

The last resort, she suggested the electrical stimulator be placed in my stomach. But we're going to try the tests to confirm, the medicine to see if it works, and then go to the drastic surgery. I just don't want to to the gastric emptying test again or the test with the barium swallow. I'm not going to be able to keep the barium down.

Her nurse is going to check with the insurance and call me back about the smart pill. Keep your fingers crossed because that's the best test option I have. I hope it's covered. I could use some good news. I'll keep everyone posted.

I've lost close to 20 pounds since March because of the gastroparesis. I haven't been able to wear this shirt in two years. You can't really tell I've lost weight ... but I can. It's not the way I would have chosen to lose weight though. She said that I need to change my diet so I need to meet with a nutritionist - but I have to wait until after the tests. She said for me to eat less fiber and less fat. She said I could eat gluten that not eating gluten really didn't matter. I guess I should start eating it again and get another test done to see if I really do have Celiac Disease.

I just filled my pill caddy. The amount of pills I have to take is ridiculous.


Kittie said...

My fingers are crossed! She sounds very thorough, it seems like you had a good referral.

emilysstomach said...

She was but I think I'm going to go in there with a tape recorder next time because she talked a mile a minute. =)