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Sunday, July 15, 2012

GP, Weakness, and now Ovarian Cysts to the Mix

Today was a good day, so I was able to leave the house for the first time in months. My husband and I are looking for replacement dressers, nightstands, and a bed frame. My current dresser is too wide with a mirror and it takes up a lot of space. I've abused it over the years so the drawers don't quite fit in place anymore. We picked out a three drawer nightstand for both of us and five foot dressers with two small drawers at the top of the dresser for things like socks. They're being built and will be ready in three weeks. Also, My husband is going to take me back to buy the bed frame I want (the picture is included) and a vanity (which I don't have a picture of yet). I'm just excited to have furniture that will last forever, as long as we take good care of it.

After the shopping trip, I have never felt more tired. I was so exhausted and weak. I came home and took a three hour nap. I just feel worn out and sick to my stomach now. I just took my anti-nausea pills but I think I may have overdone it today. We did go to a lot of different places. While it was good to get out of the house, I shouldn't have pushed myself so hard. But, I really wanted to be a part of the decision making process for our bedroom furniture. I can't wait to get the bed! Here is a picture of the frame that I want:

Right now, I'm just really exhausted but this furniture is keeping me motivated. I'm really excited to buy sheets, a comforter, and pillows for the guest beds. I'm also excited to have our room fixed up so it won't be so cluttered. I'm excited to have nice, brand new things. I'm not knocking second hand things because they're wonderful but this is the first bedroom suite I've owned that has been brand new that Jesse and I have picked out together and we couldn't be more excited! Also, it was a lot cheaper than most stores wanted for particle board crap that wasn't even reinforced. This is real oak and the drawers will not fall out of alignment. This store was a great find!

But, I've done too much this weekend. We also bought a day bed for the guest room/library along with a trundle bed so that guests will actually have a place to sleep. That involved a trip to IKEA and that failed. So, we went to The Original Mattress Factory where we've ALWAYS had good luck, and we found what we were looking for there. Here's a picture of the guest bed we purchased:

I've only vomited once today, which is a BIG improvement but I have a feeling it's going to be a rough night. My stomach's decided that it's not finished yet. I'm just so weak. I hate feeling like this.

Oh, and Jesse hung up all of the blinds downstairs in the breakfast nook and the sitting room! Now, I can sit here and read without people peering inside of my house! It's almost becoming home. We're finally putting in the finishing touches! lol

On a sadder note, I just want to feel better. I've been taking motilium which has been helping a lot but you can't get it in the United States even though it's prescribed EVERYWHERE ELSE IN THE WORLD! We have a very screwed up health care system. I've upped the dosage on the pills according to the instructions. I take two to three pills three times a day. It lets me eat. Although, like clockwork, after two hours I vomit but some of it DOES stay down which is a big improvement over what's happened in the past. I wish that Georgia would allow medical marijuana. I really would like something to make me hungry and allow me to eat and to actually FEEL hungry. The nerve medicine makes me somewhat hungry but not always.

If I'm this weak and tired after a shopping trip to a furniture store, campus is going to kill me. *sigh* That's a problem I still need to deal with. I need to get my doctors to write letters and I need to sit down with my adviser to come up with some sort of plan, if I can make it to campus without vomiting.

I'm seeing the OB/GYN on Tuesday to address my ovarian cyst. I'm scared to go by myself but I'm scared to ask a friend to go with me since, it's a GYN trip but those ultrasounds hurt and they're going to have to do a trans-vaginal ultrasound to confirm the cyst is there.

It was originally picked up by the CT scan my doctor did and I have the paperwork that I'm taking with me. I have a 2.8cm cyst on my left ovary. But, it hasn't even registered because of my gastroparesis and knee issues. Sad, huh? Well, I'm trying to take care of one thing at a time. I'm not sure what the treatment options are for the cyst once they locate it. That's why I want an extra pair of ears with me. I don't always catch everything.


Melissa said...

I'm sorry to hear your health troubles are continuing. You really need a break! On a lighter note, may I inquire as to where you purchased your new bedroom set? Like you, I'm on the lookout for REAL furniture not made of particle board.

emilysstomach said...

It's off of I-85,
It's called Gateway IV and the phone number is 770-441-1739.

I hope this helps! =) The business owners are very nice and thorough. They've been married for 47 years this year. =) But the