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Monday, July 9, 2012

Boston Scientific - Electrical Stimulator

I went to the pain management doctor for my knee. They would like to install a device, permanently, near my spine, attached to a ligament.

The link is here:,,/navRelId/1000.1002/method/Procedure/id/10001261/seo.serve

This also tells more about it:

This is a really HUGE decision for me. I'm not sure what to do. If the doctor does decide to put the electrical stimulator in my stomach for gastroparesis then the two would interfere. To be honest, my stomach pain and vomiting is eclipsing the knee pain. My husband thinks that if I get the implant and stop the pain in my knee, that I won't vomit so much. My pain response is to vomit. Also, gastroparesis causes me to vomit too.

I think I'm going to do the trial and see if it provides so relief. I can't tell you how badly I'd like to get out of the house, eat at a nice restaurant, and maybe catch a movie. But most of all, I want to be able to hike again. I miss hiking. It was the one thing I loved to do. Now with the gastroparesis, I can't do much but sit at home near a bathroom.

I did manage to make it to Columbia and Augusta this past weekend with the bucket in the car. I doped myself up on all of the antinausea meds I was given and hoped for the best. The traveling took a lot out of me and I slept for the rest of the weekend. I woke up sick on several occasions. I want to be able to drive my stick shift again. I hate automatics. There's so many things I've taken for granted that I wish I hadn't.

So far, I've had:
Ovarian Cysts
A Septic Knee
Meniscal Tear
Lateral Release
Broken Right Arm (which started all of this mess)

When I see all of my friends having kids, I sometimes feel like I want kids... but I wouldn't want to pass my awful genes to anyone...that wouldn't be fair. I'm like a walking case for Doctor House, even though he might kill me five times to help me. How do people manage to have kids with gastroparesis? I can't imagine how intense the morning sickness would be. I throw up six times a day, at least. Plus, it burns my throat and mouth because I have nothing left in my stomach. Half of my taste buds have been burnt off so that I can't taste anything. I'm not hungry in the slightest. The doctor also put me on lyrica, which is a nerve pain pill. I haven't noticed much of a difference yet.

Back to the big decision...I have to get a psychological evaluation before they can even try the trial because my insurance mandates it. I have that on the 23rd. I'm also meeting with the motility specialist on the 11th. I just hope that no one puts me back in the hospital. I've been so weak and tired lately. I have been trying to drink as much as I can but like clockwork, every 2 hours after I eat or drink something, it comes right back up. I'm really tired of bleaching my toilet.


Laura said...

You broke your arm, too! Falling off the step.

emilysstomach said...

Oh crap, missed that one. =)