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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Stomach Spasms

I managed to finally get some sleep but I slept all day. It's raining outside, so that may have helped some.

When I woke up, I felt like I had taken a long drive into the stomach. It's weird. I've also had spasms that feel like the nerve study I had from my stomach, but they make my whole body jump. It's a weird pins and needles feeling (like when your foot falls asleep) but it also has intense burning pain. I have also had esophageal spasms which radiate around my back. With those, it almost feels like I"m having a heart attack. I've been tempted to go to the emergency room but there's nothing they can do. The pain is preventing me from sleeping and the vomiting makes it much worse.

Right now, my throat is swollen and scratchy. It sounds like I'm talking to people through a box fan. I just ate some gluten free pasta and I'm hoping I'll be able to keep that down. It already burns like crazy. It's weird because the top of my stomach burns. Also, the bottom left part of my abdomen hurts ... but that's a new pain.

I'm just happy I was able to get some rest. A good night's sleep really makes a difference. My stomach did behave while I was sleeping and didn't wake me up. However, I feel hung over and still tired. I have no energy. I hope the food will stay down so that won't be a problem. I'm also going to drink lots of water and hope some of it stays down.

Well, let's hope the food stays down. Cross your fingers for me! <3


Kittie said...

Does your doctor think that the problems you're having stem more from actual stomach paralysis, or that your pyloric sphincter is perpetually contracted?

emilysstomach said...

Both - the bottom of my stomach is paralyzed and he thinks the sphincter is not working properly. He says it's not releasing bile like it should be but they can't find any evidence to prove this. However, the pain is located over the sphincter. He thinks this all stems from my gallbladder surgery - but thinking back on it, I think it's been around since high school.

Kittie said...

This might be a silly question, but has your doctor given you a trial of erythromycin? I didn't see that on your extensive med list. I know you said he didn't want to start Reglan because of the potential side effects, I don't know if there was similar reasoning there. It often stops working after about a month, but I would think getting anything to work even for a little while would help them figure out how to fix what's wrong, or give some insight as to what would be appropriate for treating your pain.
Do you have any idea if the paralysis in the bottom of your stomach is from always being contracted, or always relaxed? If you're having those kinds of spasms, it sounds almost like it's from hyper-excitation, and something like nifedipine should help with that. Is it the motility specialist who thinks that this stems from your gallbladder surgery?
Please let me know if all of these questions are becoming a nuisance! We didn't learn much about gastroparesis, but I'd like to help if I can. You are in my thoughts!

emilysstomach said...

I've tried Erythromycin, a Zpak, and Xifaxan. But, since those are antibiotics (and they did help) the doctor doesn't want to keep me on them for a long period of time because I'll be immune after a while.

The GI doctor thinks it stems from the gallbladder surgery. When I was hospitalized, my liver enzymes were through the roof and so was my lipase. They thought I had liver stones in addition to the GP.

I see the motility specialist this week, so hopefully, I can talk to her about the medication you mentioned. I would also like to have a prescription for topical phenergan or some kind of anti-nausea patch. The sub lingual Zofran isn't really working. =(

Kittie said...

It's thought that erythromycin and azithromycin actually work hormonally in gatroparesis, not as antibiotics, they're pretty unique that way. As long as you don't have an allergy to penicillins, I wouldn't worry much about antibiotic resistance. I've been looking for recent studies regarding those drugs, but I guess they've been generic for long enough that people aren't willing to spend money on studying them. From what I can glean, though, there are some smaller studies showing azi works at least as well as ery with a better side effect profile, and 500mg azi might work ever better than ery. I can't find any research on how long it takes someone to build up a tolerance to it, though...

I've heard about the Sancuso patch, it's really similar to Zofran, hopefully you'll be able to absorb it better. See if your doctor has samples, I don't think I've ever seen it in the pharmacy, they'll probably have to special order it for you and might need to get a PA for your insurance to cover it.

I look forward to hearing how your appointment goes!

Will Moss said...

I sleep better when it's raining, too.
Have you heard of It just plays the sound of a rainstorm on loop, presumably forever. Maybe it could help?

Will Moss