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Monday, June 25, 2012

Pharmacy and sickness

I just made a trip to the pharmacy to pick up medication refills. I thought I was going to be ill in my husband's new car. I raced back home and got sick. The only things I can remember eating are wedding food, fries, and pureed sweet potato soup. I vomited up the sweet potato soup shortly after I ate it. The other stuff I kept down but I'm nauseated and I feel like I have food poisoning now

Oh, and I am now mayor of the CVS on foursquare by my house. Sad, huh?

I have to send my brother to my house in a taxi because I'm too sick to leave the house. I'm still a bit hypoglycemic and still feel like I'm in a semi dream where I'm talking to people who aren't there. I'm not on drugs, I promise you.

It's scaring me and I made a follow up appointment with the specialist for next week. That's the soonest she could get me in. I also made an appointment with a pain management specialist on the advice of my knee doctor. I'm scared to see what the can do for the nerve pain in my knee. I'm really scared that all of the nerve pain, even the vagas nerve damage in my stomach, is all related somehow. What if it is? My friends are convinced it's autoimmune. I just don't know what to think. No one else in my family has it.

I just want to lay down on the bathroom floor to be closer to the bathroom. I'm just so sick. I would be happy if I could sleep through most of this.

I just feel useless today. Sometimes, it's hard to find the light in the darkness.

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