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Friday, June 8, 2012

More vomiting

Today was rough. I have been up for 24 hours straight now. I couldn't sleep last night because I kept vomiting and now I can't sleep tonight because of vomiting. I managed to have a semi productive day while working with my brothers to try and tackle Fraternity business.

While walking my friend out to her car, I vomited in the front yard and was assaulted by lady bugs. It's really unnerving to have a bug fly in your hair while you're vomiting and not being able to look and see what it is. Lady bugs are supposed to be good luck though, right?

I've been vomiting ever since. I haven't eaten anything today, other than dinner my brother brought over. So, there's not much to purge but I keep throwing up stomach acid. My stomach is swollen and painful. Also, I keep whacking my bad knee on the toilet when I'm sick.

I have a sharp, burning pain at the top of my stomach. It feels like the pins and needles nerve pain that I have in my knee plus burning. That's the best way I can describe it. I'm wondering if seeing a neurologist might be helpful? I have nerve damage in my knee and now my stomach. I'm scared that it might be a nerve related autoimmune disease or worse. I hope it's just coincidence.

I ate one small meal today. That was all I could eat. I would be happy if I could just turn a valve to cut my stomach off so that I could sleep. I haven't had a good night's rest in a while. I'm sitting upstairs watching TV so that I don't wake my husband up.

I just feel exhausted and miserable. There has to be something the doctor can do so that I can sleep. I really need rest but I can't lay on my sides like I normally do. My stomach pains intensify when I do that (I sleep in a fetal position). At least I have a bucket beside the bed in case I don't make it in time.

Please, let me make it in time. Please?

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copycat said...

Poor thing... Doesn't sound like any way I'd want to spend an evening. I'll stick to server migrations.