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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Another 6am Wake Up Call

The back of my throat and a little ways down my esophagus are so sore. It feels like it's been torn and/or burned by something. I woke up and vomited a little bit of chicken I ate last night. I know salad is miserably rough on my digestive system but I really wanted caesar salad yesterday. My throat hurts so much. It burns and feels miserable. I took my medicine in hopes that it helps some. I can barely swallow, even Sprite. I think I'm going to switch over to gatorade. My teeth are also very sensitive. They won't let me chew solid foods very easily and it's worrying me because this is new. Is this because of the vomiting?

I ultimately decided not to go to Convention. My husband didn't think it would be a good idea because I've been so sick lately. He thought I should stay home and get some rest. Riding in a car to Connecticut probably wouldn't be such a great idea. I wanted to go and hang out with my fraternity brothers and to hang out with people that I met at Archon's Academy and to talk to friends. Maybe next year.

I had really horrible dreams last night but I can't remember what they were.I woke up in a cold sweat though and scared.

I need to try and get some stuff done for Incept today. I'll help my friend with pamphlets and business cards to give out to new people. I can do that without leaving home and getting ill. I'm just so disappointed in myself. I just feel almost worthless sometimes.

Oh well, these things happen. I have my motility appointment on July 7th (that's the soonest they could see me). So, we'll see what they say. I'm a bit scared of that appointment. I have been taking motilium and I haven't noticed anything bad about it yet. I'll have to report my findings.

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