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Friday, April 10, 2009

Injury & School - Where it all Began

So, I managed to hurt my knee while hiking on a Geology field trip. My professor took us up and down very steep inclines...(not really hills...they were steeper than that) and I managed to put all of my weight on my right leg and strained the heck out of it. I haven't been able to put weight on it since and this took place on March 21st. So, I've been pretty much trying to keep off of it and have been on pain medicine. I went for an MRI and the doctor told me the results yesterday. Apparently, the ligaments are intact but my bones in my knee are swollen. I didn't even realize that bones could swell. So, I have to see an orthopedist and possibly get steroid injections into my leg to make it feel better.

Additionally, I've also been working on August Wilson's Joe Turner's Come and Gone which is an upcoming production at my school. I'm one of three assistant stage managers. Needless to say, I h aven't been able to do very much since a majority of my job was walking around, setting up, etc. So, I feel really useless. Everyone has been really understanding but it still makes me feel bad. I'm getting paid the same amount as the other two assistants but I'm doing a lot less. To be fair, I tried to resign but the stage manager wouldn't let me. I have never worked with her before but she seems to like me ok. She keeps telling me that she's going to steal me and that I should change my major to theatre. I would love to do so as I've always loved theatre but I probably wouldn't make any money whatsoever. :( And, I really need to make money when I graduate so my husband can go to school. I think one of the ASMs really doesn't like me (it's the first time I've worked with her as well and she's not getting a very good first impression of me).

Anyway, tomorrow is another geology field trip. I have to go or else I'll have to write another research paper AND give another presentation. Now, the first one is due next week and I'm still working on it. The graduate students have to give two talks and two papers, so I'm lumped in with them if I don't go tomorrow. This rubbed me the wrong way because I had a guy in my class who missed the first field trip and he was told to write a paper...NOT a research paper or a presentation, but just a paper. This bugs me and makes me feel like my teacher either really hates me or is sexist...not sure which.

Also, I am pretty sure that I failed the test on Tuesday. Well, I'm pretty sure everyone in the class failed it because we usually do. On the last test, I made the lowest grade in the class. I hope that I was able to bring my grade up slightly so that he can see improvement for my final grade. I'm scared I'm either going to make a C or a D in his class. I was told he doesn't fail anyone, but I could very well be the first. It's not like I don't try and I don't study...but it's A LOT of information crammed into such a short period of time. I mean, I have mostly A's and B's on my transcript. I have a couple of C's but nothing lower than that. :/ I mean, I know I could be doing better but I'm trying my hardest. I've had a lot going on also. My mom had an accident and was in ICU for a bit, I broke my arm and had to have surgery, my mom's side of the family quit speaking to me because my uncle caused some issues, and just recently I injured my knee. I really need to write a book but no one would believe half of the things I've been through. I think I'm holding up rather well and making good grades despite everything else. It IS true that I procrastinate and that I can do better and I'm working on that. However, I managed to make all B's last semester even though I had surgery on my arm in the middle of the semester. My husband is a little worried that I'm going to flunk out of school. I'm not planning on it. I just have a little bit more left and then I graduate.

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