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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Information to Help the Newly Diagnosed and to Help Family/Friends Understand Gastroparesis

I have written a series of articles over the years but wanted to put them together, sort them, if you will, so that they would be much easier to get to. I wanted to put them all together in a post to help people find the information they may need right at the moment, so they do not have to hunt through 200 posts. All you have to do is click on the bold, capital letters to reach the articles listed below.

Information to Help Family and Friends Understand Gastroparesis (GP):

TO THE LOVED ONES OF A PERSON DEALING WITH CHRONIC PAIN. This article helps those who may never have experienced chronic pain to understand it.

A LETTER FROM A GPER TO A FRIEND/FAMILY MEMBER. This is to help friends and family understand what it's like living with Gastroparesis.

ADVICE FOR CAREGIVERS WHO WITNESS LOVED ONES SUFFERING FROM GASTROPARESIS. This article is self explanatory. It gives those who take care of GPers advice on how to handle things and what to do/what not to do. It's very helpful.

WHEN TELLING SOMEONE THEY LOOK GREAT BECOMES AN INSULT. This article goes into detail on how telling someone who is chronically ill, especially with GP, that looking great can be an insult. It's a very good article.

HOW TO DEAL WITH THE SITUATION, "BUT YOU DON'T LOOK SICK!" This article goes into detail about how people who say we don't look sick, even though they might mean well, of how it does more harm than good. Some people do not realize this and think that they're being helpful, or even nice. The article goes into detail about why it's a bad thing to say.

RESOURCES TO EXPLAIN DTP/GP OR A CHRONIC ILLNESS TO FAMILY AND FRIENDS. This article goes into detail of trying to explain having Gastroparesis/DTP and/or any chronic illness to family and friends. It tries to explain it in a way that healthy people can understand, because I feel, personally, unless you've been there, it's a bit hard to understand. I wanted to try and find a way to get others to understand because I am tired of being doubted. You shouldn't have to fight your family and friends when you already fight with doctors, nurses, etc. There's just not enough energy for that.

ADVOCACY FOR PATIENTS AND FAMILY/FRIENDS OF A CHRONICALLY ILL PATIENT. This article explains how you and your family should be your advocate when navigating the healthcare system. Sometimes, we are too sick to fight for ourselves, and having someone there with you to help you makes a difference. It gives a lot of pointers on how to be your own advocate as well.

A DOCTOR'S ADVICE TO THOSE WITH A CHRONIC ILLNESS. This article will help you but I think it will also help your family and friends who do not suffer from a chronic illness to understand one.

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Resources for the Newly Diagnosed:

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS REGARDING GASTROPARESIS. This article contains frequently asked questions regarding gastroparesis and answers to those questions. These are questions I see a lot in groups and on my pages, so I thought I would answer them.

ADVICE FOR THE NEWLY DIAGNOSED WITH GASTROPARESIS/DTP. This article contains more resources for those who have been newly diagnosed with Gastroparesis/DTP.

YOU'VE BEEN DIAGNOSED WITH GP, NOW WHAT? This article gives resources like the Gastroparesis diet, support groups, and other important things to know about Gastroparesis.

INSPIRATION AND HOW TO KEEP YOUR MARRIAGE STRONG DURING A CHRONIC ILLNESS. Marriage is hard enough as it is without adding a chronic illness into the mix. However, life happens. This article will give you some pointers on how to keep your marriage strong when your chronically sick.

THE GRIEVING PROCESS FOR A CHRONIC ILLNESS AND HOW TO OVERCOME IT. This helps you cope with the fact that you have been diagnosed with a chronic illness. We all have a mourning period when we are diagnosed, because the life we knew is gone. A new life has replaced it and it takes some getting used to. It's normal to grieve for the things that you cannot do anymore but just as long as you do it in a healthy way. A doctor can help you through this. Support groups can also provide assistance.

HOW TO STAY MOTIVATED. It is really easy to lose pleasure in things you once loved, and it's hard to look on the bright side when you're constantly sick. However, this article will give some ideas about keeping motivated, even during the worst of times. You're NOT alone!

HOW TO STAY POSITIVE, ESPECIALLY IN DIFFICULT SITUATIONS. This article is a lot like the article above. It gives ideas and ways to stay positive, even when the world seems so bleak because you're constantly sick.

FEELING GOOD WHEN YOU'RE FEELING DOWN. This article gives pointers on how to stay positive and feel good when you become depressed. We all get really sad every now and then, especially when we're overwhelmed and tired. This article gives some tips that might help. But, if you feel really down all of the time, you need to talk to your doctor.

LOSING LOVED ONES TO A CHRONIC ILLNESS AND DEALING WITH GRIEF. I have lost SO many friends this year from a chronic illness. It hurts so much. I still cry. However, there are ways to deal with your grief, and people grieve in different ways. My biggest help is my Grief Support Group, where we celebrate the lives of people who have moved on. We honor them and things that they did. It's always hard losing someone, but you're never alone.

HANDLING HOLIDAYS WITH A CHRONIC ILLNESS. The holidays are coming up and this article gives tips on how to get through the holidays with a chronic illness like Gastroparesis, because almost or all of our holidays are centered around food.

HOW TO FEEL SEXY OR HAVE SEX WITH A CHRONIC ILLNESS. I've gotten this question a few times but people are too embarrassed to ask it, usually. I decided to write an article on it that might help.

PREGNANCY AND GASTROPARESIS. I've gotten this question a lot too, so I consulted people who have been pregnant with gp, and wrote an article to help those who may be thinking of getting pregnant but worried about their GP.

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