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Thursday, June 23, 2016

In Memorium of Those Fallen GP Warriors - Honor Their Memory with Virtual Advocacy Day

Melissa's Blog - "Virtually Alive."

Her Blog can be found here:

I wanted to post the link to her blog because this event that she is putting together is the best event I've seen in a while. We need people to listen to us that we're sick, that we have gastroparesis, and we don't have enough awareness, research, to even get a cure. I feel like we're screaming about it but no one is listening. If you own groups and have admins, please join Gastroparesis Alliance: so that we can talk about how to unite and have our voices heard. We should be working together, not against each other. Most GP groups have the same goals and we'd love to have discussions with you on how to proceed on things like this.

We really get so upset...there are no words, when we log into to our GP Community and realize that some of our members died overnight. It makes it hard to log in ... I'm scared to get on the computer. We really need to make our voices heard. Here is an excerpt of Melissa's blog;

"We encourage you to join in our Virtual Advocacy Day and fight on our behalf to pass HR 2311, the Functional Gastrointestinal and Motility Disorders Research Enhancement Act of 2015, which would expand research and promote awareness of functional/motility GI disorders such as gastroparesis.

This bill is designed to help promote education of physicians and the general public, increase efforts to find new and effective treatments, expand clinical research, and create new medical centers designed to study these disorders and share information with others.

I urge you to read the text of the bill and contact your representatives. Ask them to sign on as cosponsors and support this bill! I cannot overestimate the importance of this bill.

You can find additional information and read the text of the bill at either or

You can electronically sign and send a letter urging your congressional representatives to support HR 2311 at".

For those of you who are suffering from grief because you've lost someone who meant a lot to you, I have an article for you to read that may make you feel a bit better:

I hope that you'll join our cause. We really need you. The more voices we have, maybe someone will listen and help us. No one should starve to death.