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Monday, September 16, 2013

Poetry, Pen Pals, and Motivational GP Diaries

My friend Cheryl wrote this and I thought it was worth sharing. She's a talented writer. This really spoke to me because for the past few days, I've been very sad. Sometimes, it just seems like the GP cycle is endless. Sometimes, it feels like you'll never get better. I'm not usually so negative, but vomiting for the past three days and having the new doctor write me off just made me a bit depressed. Then, I came across my friend Cheryl's poetry. This spoke to me and cheered me up. It made me realize that I need to keep going. That things will get better and that I have the best Gastroparesis support network that anyone could have.

'Her Grace'
By: Cheryl Keene-Gutierrez

She has been isolated
She has been ripped apart
She has felt helpless
She hides her fears with a smile
She is stronger than she knows
She is a survivor
She is comforted by faith
She sees beauty everywhere
She adores her family
She values her friendships
She prays for others
She will never give up hope
She is truly blessed
And In pain she found love.

My friend Melony has also started a Gastroparesis Pen Pal Outreach Group on Facebook. If you are interested in writing and sending things back and forth to a fellow GPer, please visit her group. The link is here: It's worth it to have someone who understands what you're going through and written mail is becoming a dying art.

If you have a smart phone, my friend Sarah recommended an app to me. It's called MySymptoms: Food Diary and it's a diary for your phone. You can add your medications, what you eat, how often you get sick, all of your symptoms, stress levels, sleep quality, energy level, bowel movements, and more. It's easy to keep up with it.

I downloaded it at the Google Play store.

The only drawback is that it's $2.99 for the application, but it's worth it since we all carry our phones with us everywhere - even when we go out to eat (as rare as that happens).

You can download your data and give it to your doctor as well. I downloaded it and would highly recommend it to anyone with Gastroparesis. It's easy to learn how to use and it is easier to add things to your phone than to write them down sometimes. But I know that we all carry phones with us. I'm still going to use my GP journal and write in it but I'm also going to keep track of things on my phone now too. It never hurts to have a back up.

I'm also going to share a few images that have gotten me through the past few days. I started a Gastroparesis diary, which you know of. I usually cut out images I find like this and put them in my diary to remind me to be strong. The Gastroparesis diary is really useful when I'm not near my computer to blog. I suggest strongly that you start one too. It really helps you to vent and keep track of what's going on to your body for your doctor. Maybe, it might be worth publishing for others lately, so they know they're not the only one struggling.

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