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Friday, May 10, 2013

pH Probe Test Results - Mayo Visit Day 2

I met with the doctor today at Mayo to find out the results of my pH probe test. The doctor told me that during my twenty-four hour test, the stomach acid was present 95% of the time. That means that my acid reflux is making the vomiting worse because the medication they put me on for it (Aciphex twice daily) isn't working. During fifty-six recorded episodes during the test, forty-four of them showed vomit and not acid. That just floored me. I had THAT much food and acid come up during twenty-four hours! That was just a lot to take in.

He explained that no surgeon would do the nissen fludoplication surgery that he was considering before because of the vomiting. Additionally, my vomiting would cause the surgery to become undone, which would be pointless.

The acid needs to be reduced to at least 25%. The doctor wants me to try breathing exercises and relaxation techniques the psychologist gave me because he doesn't want me on a lot of medications.

The psychologist I consulted with this morning thinks that if I can reduce my anxiety then that will help control the vomiting. The problem is that I have anxiety BECAUSE of the stomach issues. The psychologist also wants me to try walking thirty minutes a day. The issue I have with that, that I explained to him, was that it's a catch-22 for me. I have issues leaving my bathroom long enough to do anything or I'd go hiking! So, my solution that I came up with, is to drag one of the Wii's that we own downstairs, hook it up to my TV, and do yoga on the Wii Fit so that I can exercise for thirty minutes a day. He also printed out a list of psychologists for me to see in Atlanta that I should follow up with.

Meanwhile, the GI doctor wants to see if I receive any relief from the alternative methods - deep breathing and relaxation. He put me on Protonix 40mg, twice daily, to protect my esophagus.

He told me to follow up with my doctor in Atlanta to do a chronic liver disease test and a pelvic floor test. I will wait for his notes before I make an appointment with my regular GI doctor. I'm not quite sure what to do about the GERD. I've been on every medication known to man for the acid reflux. What do I do if none of them work?

I'm going to scan in the relaxation techniques and will attach them to this post for later. I wanted to write out what the doctor told me before I forgot. =)
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