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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Resources for Help to Explain GP/DTP and/or a Chronic Illness to Family and Friends

I have noticed a trend in comments and questions on the GASTROPARESIS FACEBOOK PAGE. asking how to go about explaining to people who might believe that GP/DTP is all in your head. I have some great resources to help you explain to others how you feel and to prove that you're not making it up.

The first is THE SPOON THEORY.. It's easier to explain to people when you use this method. It drives the point home. I've used this method myself and it's tried and true. The website that has all of the details is HERE.

Another resource I would recommend is GASTROPARESIS AND ME.. Tanya, the creator of the page, has posted a video showing her during a bad GP Attack that will bring tears to your eyes but it will help show people you love what you go through on a daily basis. She's big on raising awareness and passing legislation to bring funding to GP/DTP.

You can also read about LaShelle's journey and mine on our website Our blogs are linked from there. I hope this helps! My blog contains lots of online resources and groups for GP that might help you. Additionally, there's an article I have in there entitled, "When Telling Someone They Look Good Becomes an Insult." There are resources on both of our blogs to help you through this rough patch of trying to explain things to your friends and family. LaShelle has really good articles that address the issue, too.

I started my blog to help my friends and family understand what I went through on a daily basis. I've written about my personal journey. I actually had a few friends come to me and apologize once they read what I was going through. You could always start writing about your experiences and share it with friends and family like I did. It's therapeutic and it helps.

Also, here is a video that Tanya recorded during her GP attack. If you have family or friends who think this is all in your head, show them THIS VIDEO.

LaShelle, creator of the Gastroparesis Facebook Page has written articles on how to talk to someone about a chronic illness. Here is a sample of her article, "One of the most effective ways to get through to someone is by trying your best to match their unkindness with gentle kindness. It can take a while for them to come around but when you begin leading by example, you teach them how to act and how to effectively treat you. In other words, when you hear them say awful things to you or about you, you can choose to be the bigger person by matching their resentment and anger with kindness and respect. This doesn’t mean that you are a door mat so when all else fails, you can chose to walk away." To read the rest of her article, please click HERE.

She also wrote an article about self-doubt. Let's face it, we've all been there at one point or another. If you feel like this then this is the article for you. Here's a quick blurb, "There comes a time during your journey with an invisible illness when you come face-to-face with self-doubt. Self-doubt can be one of the most painful and toxic experiences that you may ever have. When no one else will fight for your health, you absolutely must do it for yourself. So when self-doubt creeps in like the thief in the night, it robs you of the only leg you have left to stand on. In order for you to get the help you so desperately require, you end up having to fight your worst enemy… yourself." You can read the rest of the article by clicking HERE.

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